Welcome 😀

When I first started this, I intended to do just random legacies with no rules, but I have decided against that and have decided to do it based on legacy challenges. The first legacy I did was The Legacy Challenge, which I finished at Gen 5. I’m now doing the Refurbishing challenge, one of my own.

So… I hope you enjoy.

As I have no visitors, I’m stopping this blog until maybe I do get some visitors, at which point I’ll pick up the Refurbishing Challenge from where I am at.


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02-10-15_5-53 PM02-08-15_7-55 PM

Gen #1-5: The Harbour Family

10-27-14_9-23 AM11-02-14_10-31 AM11-19-14_8-23 PM12-17-14_7-00 PM-201-24-15_5-23 PM

Gen #1: The Maynard Family

02-01-15_12-05 PM


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